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We work with a wide range of charities

We provide you with the opportunity to increase awareness of the charities that you support. Through creating a video challenge, you will be given the chance to select a charity from the list and then share it with the whole world. The more creative you are with the task, higher chance of raising more funds for your charity as it could go viral.

If we work collectively, we can make a difference to the world and we believe that there are many reasons to help. With your energy and enthusiasm, we can provide help and support to those in need. We work closely with the selected charities and those charities that you support will be added immediately.

Earn PointsBecome Famous

The concept is to develop a challenge that enables nominees to complete and then pass it on to others. Your creativity and popularity of your challenge will be determined by the number of people that participate in your challenge.

To begin, you can only go into battle with one friends, however, this can all change with the more challenges, competitions and tasks you take part in. The more you participate in, the more points you will win and that, in turn, will improve your Battler Rate. This will unlock the following features:

  • Nominate more than one friend
  • Increase response time
  • Develop open challenges
  • And much more…

If you have a high Battler Rate, the more likely your challenge is going to stand out!

...and of course

Defeat your friends or enemies in a fair challenge

  • Once you have a challenge in mind, record it and nominate a friend. Then monitor how far along the chain of videos progresses
  • Our “Swipe & Score” feature is unique and will allow you to vote for the best performer
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CompetitionPrizes to be Won

We need to get serious for a minute. If you can show what you can do by participating in real competitions, then you are in with a chance of winning real prizes. Regular users will judge your videos and so, you have the very important task of amusing them with a first class performance while also asking for support from your friends.

If you would like to begin your own competition, then we can help you, regardless of whether it is for a small group or everyone.

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